Most Common OVI Mistakes


April 12, 2017

If you were recently arrested for an OVI in Ohio, there is still a possibility that your case can be entirely dismissed or have your charges reduced significantly. You need to be aware of the potential mistakes which could have adverse effects on your case.

The following are the most common mistakes that could jeopardize your pending OVI case:

  • Say something incriminating. There is often no way of arguing your way out of an OVI, especially if you have been arrested. Attempting to explain your side of the story can lead to providing law enforcement official with more evidence to be used against you in court. However, you can always exercise your right to remain silent after arrest.
  • Forget to reinstate your driving privileges. Without the ability to drive in order to commute to work, attend classes, or perform day-to-day activities, it can make your life very difficult. To reinstate your driving privileges, you must satisfy the requirements of your suspension, which may include having an ignition interlock device installed or completing an alcohol education program.
  • Plead guilty. Many people who are arrested for an OVI believe that their case is already lost, so they accept a plea deal. However, there is a possibility that there may be errors in your case, such as having inadmissible test results or the police officer failing to conduct your arrest in a proper manner. If so, your lawyer may be able to obtain a favorable outcome.
  • Fail to hire a lawyer. Having an experienced OVI attorney by your side can help you avoid making any of these mistakes listed above and ensure that your rights and future are always protected.

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