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Defense Attorneys For Barry Bonds Request Leniency In Sentencing

The SF Gate reports that Tuesday, defense attorneys for former Giant's baseball star Barry Bonds asked U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for leniency in imposing sentence upon Bonds after he was convicted of obstruction of justice in connection with his testimony about steroids to a federal grand jury.

Bonds was convicted in April of trying to thwart an investigation into steroid distribution by giving evasive answers to a federal grand jury in 2003. A jury deadlocked on the remaining three charges that Bonds committed perjury by denying he had knowingly used steroids.

Judge Illston is currently scheduled to sentence Bonds on Dec. 16, 2011, and has the authority to impose a prison term in excess of a year. Bonds' court-appointed probation officer has recommended that he be sentenced to probation and home confinement for a period less than six months. Illston has showed leniency in similar cases in the past, such as the six month sentence of house arrest she imposed upon cyclist Tammy Thomas for four convictions of lying about steroids.

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