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Ohio Speaker Batchelder Calls for Resignation of Mecklenborg After Charge of Drunk Driving

Today Ohio Speaker of the House of Representatives William Batchelder called for the resignation of fellow House member Robert Mecklenborg who was arrested in Indiana in April on a drunken driving charge. A videotape of Mecklenborg's arrest shows him refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test and failing several field sobriety tests. Blood tests reportedly placed Mecklenborg's blood alcohol content at .097 percent, in excess of Indiana's legal limit of .08 percent.

Although Mecklenborg has pleaded not guilty and has a July 26 court date scheduled, Batchelder nonetheless called for Mecklenborg to resign. Mecklenborg now faces a common challenge most individuals arrested for DUI/OVI are confronted with, the negative effects that an arrest can have on their life even prior to conviction.

Despite the fact that they have not yet been found guilty in a court of law, those accused of DUI/OVI experience a stigma associated with the arrest itself. An experienced DUI/OVI attorney can help navigate the difficulties associated with challenging a DUI/OVI charge and help you protect your interests both in and out of the courtroom.

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