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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Supreme Court Rules Police Can Search Home Without Consent

    Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark 6-3 decision holding that police, under certain circumstances, may conduct a search of a residence over the objection of the owner. In Fernandez v. California (2014), Los Angeles, California police officers confronted the defendant, Walter Fernandez, who was suspected of involvement in a robbery, at his home. Fernandez told the officers ...
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  • Ohio's Eight District Court of Appeals Addresses Propriety of Traffic Stop

    Last Thursday, Ohio's Eighth District Court of Appeals issued a decision in State v. Jones (8 th Dist. 2014), 99837, holding that police officers improperly detained a motorist for having an obstructed license plate after the officers had approached the vehicle and had no problem reading the plate. The case stems from a traffic stop by Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority police officers of ...
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