More People Required to Register as a Sex Offender

A recent incident in Baltimore, Ohio resulted in a new category being added to the list for those who must register as sex offenders in the state of Ohio. Police charged a man with public indecency after he was caught flashing school buses from his apartment. Public indecency is a crime committed “for the thrill” and can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. A person can be charged with public indecency in one of three ways:

  • Exposing private parts or sexual organs
  • Participating in sexual conduct
  • Engaging in an activity that appears to be sexual in nature

While doing one of these acts results in a charge, getting convicted is much more difficult since the prosecution must prove the act was done purposefully and with intent. Those convicted with public indecency join the other three tiers that are required to register as a sex offender. Each tier depends on the severity of the sex crime. In the state of Ohio, the three tiers are:

  • Tier 1: Sexually Oriented Offenders – The least serious crimes involving voyeurism to possession of child pornography
  • Tier 2: Habitual Sex Offenders – Offenders with previous minor arrests, sexual conduct with a minor of 12-15 years old, production or distribution of child pornography
  • Tier 3: Sexual Predators – Most serious crimes including victims under 12 years old, sexual assaults, and violent sex crimes

Public indecency will be added to tier 1 which does not require notifying the community and neighborhood by mailing a form to neighbors stating that they are a registered sex offender. A sex offender is required to register once a year for 15 years. This includes providing full name, address, a picture, details of the offense committed, all vehicle information, and any email addresses being used. Lifetime effects can present difficulty for those seeking a place to work, looking to secure safe housing, and in personal relationships.

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