Successful Alternate Solutions For Domestic Violence Cases

Summit County is leading the way in how domestic violence cases are handled in the state of Ohio. Nearly four years ago, the court started ordering treatment in some cases rather than jail time or prison sentences. In 2011, the state’s first Domestic Violence Court was created and has had several success stories since then. The program’s objective is to uncover the core reason why the offense occurred and reduce the probability of it happening again.

The entrance into the program depends on the victim agreeing to it. This program could be as long as 52 weeks and consist of refraining from alcohol and drug abuse, routinely being tested for alcohol and drugs, employment assistance, and being mentored by a probation officer. Also included is a weekly group therapy session to get to the route of the offense and what lead to the escalation. The judge in charge of the program has stated they have about a 75% success rate of not reoffending.

Many things can be considered domestic violence but the most common are violating protection orders, assault, battery, stalking, verbal abuse, and molestation. The punishment for domestic violence depends on whether it is a misdemeanor or felony charge and how many times, if at all, you’ve been charged before. These penalties can include all or some of the following: jail time, fines, restraining orders, and probation.

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