1. How to remove a domestic violence conviction from your record

    At DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder, we understand that people make mistakes. In some cases, the mistake results in a domestic violence charge. You may have found a criminal defense attorney in Ohio, but you’re still convicted of the charge. Then you served your jail time and began paying the fines based on how the case was resolved in court. At this point, you’ve probably applied to jobs and tri…Read More

  2. Facing a domestic violence charge? Here’s how a conviction will affect you

    Domestic violence is not taken lightly. If you’re facing a domestic violence charge, you may be subject to mandatory minimum sentencing and penalties. Additionally, if you’re convicted, it can wreak havoc on your professional career and social reputation. The best course of action to defending against this charge is to hire professional legal counsel immediately. You will need a criminal defen…Read More

  3. What if the victim drops the charge?

    The victim dropping charges is considered a fairly common occurrence surrounding domestic violence. The victim reports domestic violence against their spouse, but when the case begins to formulate, the victim wants to drop the initial charges. In most situations, charges can be dropped for various reasons; however, in a domestic violence case, once the police or the state has issued the charge, th…Read More

  4. What is domestic violence?

    It can be emotionally overwhelming to be charged with a crime. When that crime is domestic violence, your reputation and social status is at risk, even if the charge is eventually dropped. A domestic violence charge is considered a crime against the state, and it can wreak havoc on your life. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you in your…Read More

  5. Pre-Charge Representation: How It Works

    Dec 28, 2017 Sometimes a criminal accusation involves a crime so severe, the accused suffers extreme consequences without ever being officially convicted – or even charged. For example, someone accused of a sex crime can be shunned in social settings, lose employment opportunities, or even lose parental rights if they are going through a divorce. The best bet to keep reputations intact and to pr…Read More

  6. How You Can Fight Back Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

    Dec 21, 2017 Due to the tragic implications of a domestic violence accusation, law enforcement officials and investigators always take such accusations with the utmost seriousness. In some states or counties, police officers must make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call, even if there is no evidence of violence actually at the scene. To this end, domestic violence accusations hav…Read More

  7. What Happens if I Violate My Probation?

    Oct 18, 2017 Violating probation is a serious offense, but it does not necessarily mean you will automatically go to jail. The consequences of your violation will depend on a range of different factors, including the nature and seriousness of the violation, if you previously violated it, and if there were any other circumstances that might impact the severity of the situation. Punishment for viola…Read More

  8. Do I Need an Attorney for a Misdemeanor?

    Oct 11, 2017 We all know that not every crime is treated equally. Depending on the severity of an offense, a punishment can be minimal or life-altering. As such, many believe that misdemeanors are on the lighter end of the offense spectrum and, therefore, might not be a big enough deal to warrant legal representation. This is a mistake, however, since misdemeanors can include jail time and, if you…Read More

  9. When Can a Juvenile Offender Be Tried as an Adult?

    Sep 26, 2017 Typically, the juvenile court is much more lenient in punishments than adult court. According to the law, kids are far more likely to respond well to rehabilitation and counseling, so a child might be assigned a less severe sentence than the average adult. However, in some cases, children do get charged as adults and serve adult sentences. Ohio law states a child can only be tried as …Read More

  10. Defenses for Marijuana Possession

    Sep 12, 2017 While medical marijuana was recently ruled more or less legal for some drug users with permission from their doctors, others who don’t have qualifying conditions or who want to use the drug recreationally might still be charged for possession of marijuana. Not only could you face prosecution by the state of Ohio, but you could also be federally charged. For those who are caught with…Read More