Pre-Charge Representation: How It Works

Criminal Defense

December 28, 2017

Sometimes a criminal accusation involves a crime so severe, the accused suffers extreme consequences without ever being officially convicted – or even charged. For example, someone accused of a sex crime can be shunned in social settings, lose employment opportunities, or even lose parental rights if they are going through a divorce. The best bet to keep reputations intact and to prevent accusations from ever becoming a charge is using pre-charge representation with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

Good Offense is a Strong Defense

Pre-charge representation is exactly as it sounds: professional representation from a criminal defense attorney before a criminal charge is ever filed against you. With the guidance of your pre-charge lawyer, you can explore a variety of pre-charge defense tactics that can smooth the road ahead and better protect your rights in a turbulent time.

If you are confident that the accusations are baseless, your pre-charge attorney can help you communicate with law enforcement and use initial evidence to hopefully dismiss the investigation against you. Without an investigation, the accusations will not become charges and your record will remain clear. If an investigation is pending and will not be dismissed, a pre-charge attorney can let you know how to handle yourself during the investigation to avoid creating any incriminating or suspicious statements.

In some situations, the evidence against you may be overwhelming, despite there being no charges filed against you yet. Your pre-charge criminal defense lawyer may want to speak with you about preparing a plea arrangement that benefits you, which you can propose during arraignments if you are arrested and charged. When the police are actively seeking your location to make an arrest, a pre-charge lawyer can also help you negotiate a voluntary surrender agreement, which essentially says you will turn yourself in for a reduction of charges or improved treatment during the trial.

Be Proactive with DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder

Our pre-charge attorneys in Akron can help you take the advantage of initiative out of the prosecution’s or the investigator’s hands. By coming up with useful pre-charge tactics, we can give you the front-foot in your case, potentially eliminating any chance of you being charged at all. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to learn more about your rights and to start working on your preemptive defense with a highly-experienced team of attorneys who genuinely care about your future wellbeing.