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Am I Eligible for Expungement in Ohio?

If you were convicted of criminal charges, you no doubt have already realized that the consequences of a conviction reach beyond your fines, jail time, and other penalties. With a criminal record, it can be difficult to find employment, housing, and more, not to mention that it can put a strain on existing personal and professional relationships. An expungement can seal your criminal record, making it essentially as though you were never convicted of the crime in the first place.

Eligibility Requirements for an Expungement

Whether you want to expunge your conviction in order to have peace of mind and closure relating to a past event or whether you are looking to have the freedom to pursue career opportunities that might not have been possible with a criminal record, expungements open up many doors in your future.

Section 2593 of the Ohio Revised Code lays out the requirements that must be met for expungement:

  • Your conviction may be expunged – it is not precluded from expungement by law.
  • You were not sentenced to a mandatory prison term in your conviction. (If you were, but were still eligible for probation, you would qualify)
  • You have a misdemeanor conviction.
  • You have a felony.
  • You have two misdemeanor convictions.
  • You have one misdemeanor and one felony conviction.
  • Your conviction has passed the statutory waiting period.
  • You do not have current or pending criminal charges against you.

Additionally, if you were found not guilty of your charges, or if your case was dismissed, you can also expunge or seal the records of your charges. After your charges or convictions are sealed, they will not show when your record is checked, except in certain circumstances by certain individuals.

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