Attorney J. Reid Yoder Representing Man Accused of Attempted Murder


May 13, 2019

Attorney J. Reid Yoder is representing Martin Robinson in a case that has recently received lots of media attention.

Robinson faces various charges, including attempted murder and attempted aggravated murder, after a 12-hour standoff with the Lorain County SWAT team. The team says it was at Robinson’s residence in response to a bench warrant issued on weapons charges.

However, Robinson claims the officers were at his home in retaliation for his winning a lawsuit against detectives of the Cleveland vice Squad. In 2009, while Robinson was working as a corrections officer, the detectives assaulted him, causing him to suffer injuries that still affect his quality of life today.

Robinson believes the officers who came to his house on May 31, 2018 were there to kill him, and when one entered his home, Robinson fired his weapon in self-defense.

The SWAT team claims it was not aware of Robinson’s previous lawsuit. Officers say they announced the reason for their arrival on their PA system and asked Robinson to give himself up. They attempted to enter his home after he failed to respond.

Robinson, who was also shot during the incident, surrendered to officers after they threw a tear gas canister into his home.

Robinson’s trial began on February 21, 2019, and during questioning, he had trouble remembering details of the 2018 event. He stated he didn’t remember that the SWAT team was there or that they made multiple announcements asking him to surrender. Robinson said he “wasn’t attempting to kill anyone.”

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