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Recent Posts in Drug Crimes Category

  • What Does It Mean to Have Possession "With Intent"?

    Possessing drugs whit the intent to distribute them is a criminal offense that is punishable by both fines and imprisonment. In this blog, we explain the differences between possession , intent to distribute, and possession with the intent to distribute. What Is Possession? Possession of a controlled substance is illegal at both the state and federal level. Possession is not just the act of ...
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  • Why You Should Hire a Lawyer If You Are Charged With a Drug Crime

    When you are charged with a drug crime, the first step you should take is to seek out an experienced lawyer who is familiar with drug crime laws. Hiring an attorney is important, especially if you want to preserve your reputation and future. In addition to the damage that these charges can have on your livelihood, they also carry heavy punishments and penalties. The following factors can impact ...
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  • Defenses for Marijuana Possession

    While medical marijuana was recently ruled more or less legal for some drug users with permission from their doctors, others who don’t have qualifying conditions or who want to use the drug recreationally might still be charged for possession of marijuana. Not only could you face prosecution by the state of Ohio, but you could also be federally charged. For those who are caught with the drug, ...
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  • Is Marijuana Legal in Ohio?

    As of 2016, some people are allowed to use marijuana, but they must have medical permission to do so. Ohio’s new medical marijuana law gives patients an affirmative defense against a drug charge if they have a doctor’s note and meet certain criteria. According to the law, a patient’s doctor must certify in writing a bona fide relationship exists, the patient has 1 of about 20 qualifying ...
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  • Marijuana use and D.U.I.

    We are currently seeing an increase in arrests for Driving Under the Influence for persons suspected of using marijuana. As Ohio moves towards the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use this situation is likely to increase even further. The Ohio law prohibiting Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence (commonly referred to as O.V.I. or D.U.I.) covers alcohol and/or drugs ...
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  • Ohio's Marijuana Possession Defined

    While marijuana possession and use is becoming legal in some states throughout the country, it is still currently illegal in the state of Ohio. It can lead to possible fines, jail time, and a conviction of marijuana possession results in a minimum suspension of your driver’s license for six months. The idea of possession is a little abstract and has some gray areas. For example, you do not need to ...
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