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  • Is a Parent Liable When Their Child Commits a Crime?

    There are a variety of situations that parents need to worry about when it comes to their children. From schoolyard fights that end with broken bones, to shoplifting and even horrific acts of mass murder, the question of who can be held responsible for these acts is commonly raised by parents. In this blog, we answer the following question: Can a parent be held responsible for property or personal ...
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  • When Can a Juvenile Offender Be Tried as an Adult?

    Typically, the juvenile court is much more lenient in punishments than adult court. According to the law, kids are far more likely to respond well to rehabilitation and counseling, so a child might be assigned a less severe sentence than the average adult. However, in some cases, children do get charged as adults and serve adult sentences. Ohio law states a child can only be tried as an adult if ...
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  • Juvenile Crimes

    In Ohio, a child can be charged as an adult and will be vulnerable to the same punishments for violating the law. Young people can make a mistake that will have repercussions for years. It can result in a criminal record, education and employment difficulties, and create a cycle of illegal activity. Some common juvenile crimes include: ●Traffic offenses ●Drug/alcohol possession ●Violent/fighting ...
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