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How You Can Fight Back Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

How To Beat a False Domestic Violence Charge? Due to the tragic implications of a domestic violence accusation, law enforcement officials and investigators always take such accusations with the utmost seriousness. In some states or counties, police officers must make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call, even if there is no evidence of violence actually […]

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What you need to know if you have been arrested for Domestic Violence

In Ohio, domestic violence is unlike any other criminal law in that there is an official preferred arrest policy in place. First of all, let’s understand what we mean by domestic violence. Domestic violence is basically to cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member. A family or household member […]

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Successful Alternate Solutions For Domestic Violence Cases

Summit County is leading the way in how domestic violence cases are handled in the state of Ohio. Nearly four years ago, the court started ordering treatment in some cases rather than jail time or prison sentences. In 2011, the state’s first Domestic Violence Court was created and has had several success stories since then. […]

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