Akron’s Arson Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with Arson in Ohio, it’s time to find an arson defense lawyer. There are multiple degrees of arson, and no matter which degree you’ve been charged with you will need professional legal representation throughout your entire case. The penalties for arson, whether aggravated or not, are severe, and your criminal defense lawyers in Akron are ready to take on your case.

Elements of an Arson Charge

Arson charges may seem simple, but the state of Ohio must prove beyond reasonable doubt the individual being accused of Arson committed a set of specific actions:

The individual must be proven to have used fire or explosion to knowingly create or cause physical damage to another person without their consent; or to another person’s property with intent to defraud; or to a government-owned building or property; or to another person’s property who offered or proposed an agreement for hire.

What is Aggravated Arson?

The aggravated arson charge indicates that the accused committed arson on an occupied structure, and a person or persons were at risk of physical harm due to the accused’s action. Also, aggravated arson can be charged whether or not a person or persons were present at the time of setting the fire.

Ohio clearly defines any occupied structure in the following state codes:

Arson Penalties and Sentencing

If you’re facing arson or aggravated arson charges, the penalties and sentencing in the state of Ohio are severe. You could receive a misdemeanor, a felony, serve jail time, and pay a large fine if convicted. A conviction will affect your future, so it’s best to act immediately and call the premier criminal defense lawyers in Akron.

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Your future is at stake when facing an arson or aggravated arson charge. It’s imperative you have experienced legal representation to find the best outcome possible for your case. At DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder, our 30-plus years of experience as criminal defense attorneys lend us knowledge, wisdom, and innovation you can trust. Call our firm today!