Akron’s Traffic Ticket and Citation Lawyers

It’s important you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer when you receive a traffic ticket or citation so you do not have to deal directly with the Akron traffic court alone. The traffic violation lawyers at DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder will guide you through the entire legal process to achieve the best outcome possible. Whether this is your first red light ticket or you have a history, you want an experienced defense lawyer in your corner.

How to fight a traffic ticket

It may be worth the time and energy to fight a traffic ticket or citation. Whether the violation will add too many points to your Ohio driver’s license or you may face jail time, you will want an experienced defense lawyer to represent you. When you hire DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder, you’re gaining 30-plus years of legal defense experience for your case.

Ohio’s Driver’s License Point System

For each conviction of a traffic violation, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) assigns a set number of points to your driving record. You will have points add to your record in correlation with the level of the traffic infraction. This means, over time and if you incur enough infractions, you can have your license suspended or revoked for a duration of time.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Penalties

CDL drivers are legally allowed to drive delivery trucks, buses, limos, and commercial tractor-trailers, which means, if accused of a traffic violation in Ohio, can make it hard to appear in court. If you’re a commercial driver, you may consider a plea bargain to pay your ticket and move on with your life, but our criminal defense attorneys at DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder encourage you to give us call.

Traffic Violation Defense Lawyers in Akron

The DiCaudo, Pitchford, and Yoder law firm offers 30-plus years of legal experience to defend you in your traffic violation case. Whether you’ve been accused of running a red light or a hit-and-run, you will want an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. Give our firm a call, and let us get started on your case today!