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Case Results

  • Hung Jury
    Federal Murder
    Our client was charged with federal murder. After two weeks of hire, the jury came back with a hung verdict. This is a good outcome for this level of charge.
  • Theft
    Criminal Defense
    Represented two clients charged with theft of ATMs. They were charged in a 69 count felony indictment. We resolved the case pleading them to 16 counts and having them serve 100 days in the county jail. The potential sentence could have been 69 years in prison.
  • Felonious Assault
    Criminal Defense
    Our client was charged with Felonious Assault for assaulting another man at a volleyball tournament. Our client pushed the other man and he fell off the bleachers breaking his leg in two places. The Prosecutor's Office was upset with our client for the way he handled the situation and the fact that he resorted to violence at a children's volleyball game. During the course of our investigation we discovered that another spectator had been operating a camera. Although there was not any video footage of the assault we were able to provide to the Prosecutor an audio recording which clearly showed the other man being the aggressor. With that information the Prosecutor's Office offered a misdemeanor assault. Our client rejected that offer and we went to trial. After three days of trial the Jury returned a not guilty verdict.
  • Drug Charges
    Criminal Defense
    Our client was charged with distribution of marijuana in the Northern District of Ohio. Our client was charged in a conspiracy to distribute over 2000 kilograms of marijuana over a three year period of time. We argued to the Government that the only witness that they could potentially use against our client was a convicted felon and the Jury would question his credibility. After six months of negotiating the case the Government agreed to allow our client to plead guilty to distribution of 40 pounds of marijuana; with a sentence range between 24 to 30 months.
  • OVI / DUI
    OVI / DUI
    Represented an owner of numerous local restaurants was leaving one of his establishments and was pulled over for speeding. He was subsequently charged with an OVI/DUI in Ohio . We argued that the officer did not have a clear line of sight to charge him with speeding. There were numerous obstructions that would have been in front of the police officers car when he testified he was pointing his radar gun at the vehicle. The court dismissed the speed and OVI/DUI.
  • Drug Charges
    Criminal Defense
    Represented a client who was arrested after a month long investigation conducted by a joint task force of Federal and State law enforcement agents and charged with several counts of conspiracy to commit drug trafficking. There were a total of 18 defendants charged. The case proceeded to trial which lasted three weeks. At the end the jury returned a "not guilty" verdict for our client. The other 4 defendants that went to trial were all found guilty.