1. The Judge yelled at the police and prosecutors for lying. The case was dismissed.

    I'm from Pennsylvania and was traveling through Cleveland when I got pulled over and the police found 6 kilos of cocaine. The case was picked up federally. I asked my wife to find me the best federal attorney in Ohio. She asked around and everyone was telling her Reid Yoder. I hired Mr. Yoder and the rest is history. He filed a motion to suppress and argued that the police did not have reasonable …Read More

  2. Hopefully, I will not need an attorney again but if I do it will definitely be Tom.

    I hired Tom DiCaudo to represent me with an OVI that I got in Akron. I had been stopped by the police and blew a .180. Tom told me this was considered a high blow under the law and required enhanced penalties if I were to plead guilty. I have to drive for a living so I could not afford to get an OVI. Tom filed a motion to suppress arguing that the police did not have reasonable suspicion to stop m…Read More

  3. Professional, courteous, experienced, realistic and hardworking

    Attorney Tom DiCaudo handled my OVI case with diligence, He worked his magic and got the case reduced from an OVI with complimentary charges to a wreckless opp. This saved me money long term and a lot of future headaches. I would recommend Tom and Team to everyone in a similar circumstance. Professional, courteous, experienced, realistic and hardworking can describe the Attorneys you get at this f…Read More

  4. He is the best lawyer I have ever seen.

    I was charged with an Aggravated Robbery and Attempted Murder in Akron. I had another attorney who was not doing anything for me. I saw Reid Yoder in court with another client and liked the way he handled himself and asked for his card. I asked Mr. Yoder to come see me in jail to discuss my case. The next day he came to the jail and we discussed strategy and what I wanted to accomplish. Although h…Read More

  5. Tom was compassionate, insightful and fought extremely hard on my behalf.

    I got arrest for an OVI while traveling from Columbus to Cleveland on business. I contacted a corporate attorney I know in Cleveland and asked her who she would recommend. She told me I needed Tom DiCaudo. My future job was relying on a not guilty verdict. After two and half days in trial and calling an expert witness the Jury returned a Not Guilty verdict. Tom was compassionate, insightful and fo…Read More

  6. I am forever grateful

    I have a CDL and was involved in a motor vehicle accident right outside of Columbus which unfortunately killed another driver. They accused me of speeding and charged me with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide. The owner of the company had heard that DiCaudo & Yoder LLC had a lot of experience with these matters. We contacted them and they met us in Mansfield to talk. They talked to…Read More

  7. He will fight for you

    I got pulled over in Akron by an Ohio State trooper. He claimed that I was swerving in and out of lanes. He arrested me for DUI once he smelled my breath and said I had bloodshot eyes. The officer had me perform field sobriety tests but I did not do very well on them. I interviewed a number of lawyers, one of which was Tom DiCaudo. I decided to go with Tom because he was the most honest out of all…Read More

  8. His experience and knowledge of the laws proved to be the key factor in ultimately settling my case

    I would like to take a moment to personally thank Mr. Tom DiCaudo for helping me through my case and a difficult time for me and my family. I was charged with OVI and a separate charge of Refusal. While looking at the possibility of a lengthy jail term, multiple years of license suspension and hefty fines, Tom gave me the peace of mind that we were going to succeed and come out of this case positi…Read More

  9. I was charged with Burglary in Cuyahoga County.

    I was charged with Burglary in Cuyahoga County. The police said I broke into my ex-boyfriends home and stole his gun. I retained Reid Yoder to represent me. At the preliminary hearing we argued that I had permission to be in the home and the gun that I allegedly took belonged to me. My ex-boyfriend could not produce a sales receipt and could not say that I did not have permission to be there. The …Read More

  10. Mr. Yoder discovered that he FBI did not have probable cause to seize my computer and they had violated my 4th Amendment Rights

    The FBI came to my house and took my computer. Later they reviewed the files and found child pornography on the hard drive. I immediately requested an attorney and had heard that Mr. Yoder had a great deal of experience handling these kinds of cases. I called him that day and talked to him about the case. He was able to procure me a reasonable bond and conduct an independent investigation of the c…Read More