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DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder is an experienced criminal defense firm that has successfully represented clients in local, state, and federal cases. We understand the stress and anxiety that can occur when you are arrested for a criminal offense, and we will take whatever legal actions are necessary to help ensure the best possible outcome to your situation.

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There can be many complexities in a criminal case, depending on the nature of the alleged crime. Attorneys at our firm will conduct a thorough investigation of the charges against you and look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that can be used to reduce charges or even to lead a case dismissal. Contact an Akron criminal defense attorney from our office to have your case reviewed and to discuss your best defense strategies.

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What We Can Do for You

While probation may be an option for certain first-time offenses, in many situations a defendant is facing penalties such as imprisonment, fines, restitution, court-ordered counseling, mandatory drug or alcohol treatment, driver’s license suspension, and/or sex offender registration. You can expect penalty enhancements (harsher sentencing) if a minor was involved, a deadly weapon was used, and/or the crime resulted in injuries or fatalities. The defendant’s criminal past will also influence the severity of sentencing.

Our criminal defense lawyers can help you fight charges that include:

Our attorneys are committed to excellence and will provide capable counsel and aggressive defense of your constitutional rights. We are skilled litigators and negotiators who know your freedom is at risk, and we can be relied on to vigorously challenge the prosecution’s case.

Contact a criminal defense attorney at our firm for the seasoned advice and experienced representation you need for a criminal charge.