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DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder is an experienced criminal defense law firm that has successfully represented clients in local, state, and federal cases.

We understand the stress and anxiety that can occur when you are arrested for a criminal offense, and we will take whatever legal actions are necessary to help ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.

Our Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys Work To Protect Your Rights & Future

Depending on the nature of the alleged crime, criminal cases can be extremely complicated. Located in Akron, Ohio, our criminal defense attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of the charges against you and look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

These weaknesses can be used to reduce charges or can even lead to a case dismissal. Contact a skilled criminal defense attorney from our office to have your case reviewed and to discuss your best defense strategies.

Ohio Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

While probation may be an option for certain first-time offenses, in many situations, a defendant faces penalties such as imprisonment, fines, restitution, court-ordered counseling, mandatory drug or alcohol treatment, driver’s license suspension, and/or sex offender registration. You can expect harsher sentencing if a minor was involved, a deadly weapon was used, and/or the crime resulted in injuries or fatalities.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Akron can help you fight charges that include:

What should I do if charged with a Drug Crime in Ohio?

Your future may depend on contacting an Akron criminal defense attorney when facing a drug charge in Ohio. An experienced Akron criminal defense attorney fights for your rights dismantles charges, and negotiates plea deals that save your future.

I have been charged with a sex crime charge in Akron, OH?

Having been accused of a sex crime in Ohio is a serious allegation and prosecutors are intent on getting results in each case.

What to do if facing federal charges in Ohio?

The US government has some of the best prosecutors at their disposal when charging someone with a federal crime. When considering a federal criminal defense attorney our clients rely on our ability to navigate the complex nature of a federal courtroom and guide our clients with expert advice. Additionally, a rock-solid defense that protects your rights is foundational to being an aggressive advocate.

Fighting Drug Charges With Aggressive Defense Strategies, Experience & Knowledge

We recognize the severity of drug charges and the potentially life-altering consequences they carry. Our Ohio criminal defense attorneys are experienced in defending clients facing drug-related charges such as possession, trafficking, manufacturing, and distribution.

We employ aggressive defense strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of each case. Whether it involves challenging the legality of search and seizure, scrutinizing the evidence presented against you, or leveraging mitigating factors, we leave no stone unturned in building a compelling defense.

An Expert Knowledge of Drug Laws For Your Criminal Defense

Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of drug laws is essential when crafting an effective defense strategy. Our criminal attorneys possess deep knowledge and expertise in federal and Ohio state drug laws, ensuring that we provide you with accurate advice and guidance at every step of the legal process.

With a thorough understanding of the nuances of drug-related offenses, we stand prepared to fight for your rights.

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Our Ohio criminal defense attorneys are committed to excellence and will provide capable counsel and aggressive defense of your constitutional rights. We are skilled litigators and negotiators who can be relied on to vigorously challenge the prosecution’s case and protect your freedom.

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I found Mr. DiCaudo through a Google search and met with him on a Sunday. He was very considerate and genuinely interested in defending a friend of mine. He was really clear on his defense strategy and the potential hurdles he may have encountered, but he delivered perfectly what he said would…