Akron Domestic Violence Lawyer

As with all assault and battery crimes, domestic violence is treated very seriously in Ohio, carrying severe punishments for those who are convicted. These punishments can include:

  • Restraining orders which prevent a person from seeing their children or entering their own home
  • An impact on a person’s child custody arrangement (including possible loss of custody)
  • Loss of the right to bear arms
  • Probation for varying periods of time
  • Jail or prison time

Domestic violence encompasses a broad scope of illegal behavior, such as assault, battery, trespassing, threats, stalking, verbal abuse, molestation, violation of court orders, and child neglect. If you have been charged with domestic violence, then you will want to seek the help of an Akron domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. With a lawyer’s experience and skill, you will increase the possibility of a favorable case outcome. We aggressively fight to help our clients avoid penalties such as probation or jail time.

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DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder is a criminal defense law firm that has represented a large number of clients successfully over our years in practice. Attorney Yoder and Attorney DiCaudo have 30 years of combined experience in practicing law, including formerly serving as prosecutors. This gives them strong insight into both sides of the legal process, allowing them to provide highly informed and knowledgeable legal representation to their clients.

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Contact our offices if you have been charged with domestic violence, and we will review the specifics of your case in order to craft a defense that may result in your charges being lessened or thrown out entirely. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important that you contact an Akron domestic violence attorney to discuss defending your case.