Federal Defense Lawyers in Akron

Federal crimes routinely carry the most severe penalties of all criminal offenses. Successful defense against federal charges usually requires the skill and knowledge that is possessed by an experienced Akron criminal defense lawyer.

At DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder, our attorney team possesses the experience necessary to provide one with an aggressive defense in their federal criminal case. Our team has been practicing law for a combined 30 years, and have both served as prosecutors in the course of their legal careers.

This allows them to take both defense and prosecution into account when representing a client, thereby maximizing the client’s chances of a beneficial resolution to their case.

The hard-hitting defense for federal offenses

Federal crimes are those crimes which directly violate federal legislation. They include serious offenses such as child pornography crimes, bank robbery, drug offenses, white collar crimes, and gun/weapons violations. Federal charges can also be levied at an individual who has committed a crime while on federal land (such as a government building or national park).

Federal Crime Penalties

The penalties attendant to most federal crimes are very serious. They can include fines reaching upwards of and exceeding millions of dollars, probation, mandatory forfeiture of personal property, and lengthy prison sentences.

It is crucial that you have strong representation in the event that you are charged with a federal crime, as the prosecution in such cases is usually well prepared and in possession of considerable resources.

Your federal defense attorney must have the experience and wherewithal required to be able to challenge the validity of the opposition’s case, and possibly secure an outcome that involves the reduction or elimination of your charges.

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It is recommended that you contact an Akron federal criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a federal crime, as you will likely be facing very serious penalties.