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Multiple OVI Offenses Ohio

Akron Multiple DUI Offenses Lawyer

OVI / DUI Repeat Offenses in Ohio

A person who is arrested for OVI that has prior convictions for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be facing harsh penalties. If you have been arrested for OVI and have a prior OVI criminal history, immediately contact an Akron multiple DUI attorney from DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder for legal advice. You will need a tough litigator that is experienced in OVI and DUI cases to protect your rights and build a strong defense.

The sentences tend to be more harsh if your current case involves refusal or a high test result. The consequences in a multiple OVI case may include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines, restitution and reinstatement fees
  • Probation
  • Court-ordered alcohol or drug treatment
  • License suspension
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Mandatory OVI license
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device (IID) installation
  • Habitual offender registry

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Penalties for Repeat OVI / DUI Offenses in Ohio

Sentencing in OVI cases involving second and third offenses, while still considered a misdemeanor, can include jail time of up to 1 year and more than $10,000 in fines. A fourth DUI arrest is usually charged as a felony, and could result in incarceration in a state prison. We know how to properly investigate your arrest and will vigorously challenge the prosecution's evidence.

    Ohio Second Offense OVI

    The penalties for a second OVI offense within 10 years include:

    • Minimum of 10 days to 6 months in jail
    • Fines from $525 to $1,625
    • Driver's license suspension from 1 to 7 years
    • 90 day vehicle forfeiture
    • Ignition interlock device & mandatory DUI plates
    • Court-ordered drug/alcohol program
    • Maximum 5 years probation

    Ohio Third Offense OVI

    The penalties for a third OVI offense within 10 years include:

    • Jail time up to 1 year
    • Fines between $850 and $2,750
    • License suspension from 2 year up to 12 years
    • Vehicle forfeiture
    • Mandatory ignition interlock device & yellow DUI plates
    • Mandatory drug/alcohol program
    • Maximum 5 years probation

    Ohio Felony Offense OVI

    A fourth OVI in Ohio is considered a fourth-degree felony. The penalties for a fourth OVI offense within 10 years include:

    • Jail time between 60 days to 1 year
    • Fines between $1,350 and $10,500
    • Court license suspension from 3 years or permanent revocation
      • $250 license reinstatement fee
    • Vehicle forfeiture
    • Mandatory Ignition interlock device & DUI plates
    • Mandatory drug/alcohol program
    • Maximum 5 years probation

    If you have been convicted of a second Ohio felony OVI, you will be required to serve a minimum of 120 days in prison, which can be doubled if you have a high test result or refuse a test. The maximum term of incarceration for this offense is 5 years in prison.

    Defense Strategies for Repeat OVI Charges in Ohio

    A qualified multiple offense OVI lawyer in Akron will know where to look for flaws in the prosecution's case that can be used in your defense. There are many ways to attack the prosecution's evidence in a DUI case:

    • Investigating procedural errors (illegal stop or failure to administer a Miranda Warning).

    • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop

    • Contesting the accuracy of field sobriety tests (physical or medical conditions, poor weather conditions, or improper administration)

    • Questioning the reliability of chemical tests (improper calibration, operator error, or medical conditions)

    • Plea negotiations

    Lawyers for Repeat DUI Offenses in Akron

    Searching for an attorney for your repeat OVI case in Akron? DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder is a skilled and experienced OVI defense firm that has successfully represented many clients charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Akron multiple DUI lawyers at our firm are competent litigators that will work hard on your defense and protect your rights.

    Contact an Akron multiple DUI attorney at our office at (330) 787-9841 for competent legal counsel and skilled defense if you have been arrested for OVI and have prior convictions on your record.


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    • “I was charged with a high-tier OVI after I failed field sobriety tests and consented to a breathalyzer, blowing a .201. As a VP of Sales, my career hinges on the ability to drive and represent myself ...”

      - Michael C.
    • “I would like to thank your organization and especially Tom DiCaudo for representing me. After being charged with OVI, Tom did the seemingly impossible, having all alcohol related charges dropped. ...”

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