Land Use/Zoning

Akron Land Use & Zoning Attorneys

In-Depth Knowledge for Local Governments

DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder has proven expertise in the area of land use and zoning. The identity and character of a community is often dictated by growth, development, land use, and zoning regulations that are established by elected officials.

Our team of Akron land use & zoning lawyers has extensive knowledge in the laws governing the rights of local governments to implement land use and zoning controls in balance with the property rights of those wanting to develop. The proper development and implementation of planning tools and ordinances allow local governments to best prepare for and address the demands that development brings.

Contact our Akron land use & zoning attorneys online or by calling 330-762-7477.

Document Services

The Akron land use & zoning attorneys at DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder work closely with local government officials to properly draft and implement comprehensive land use and zoning documents such as:

  • Comprehensive zoning ordinance
  • Planned development ordinances
  • Master planned development ordinances
  • Subdivision ordinances
  • Master land use plans
  • Thoroughfare plans
  • Parks and green space plans
  • Pedestrian trail plans
  • Water and sewer plans
  • Building codes
  • Property maintenance codes

Our Akron land use & zoning lawyers are trusted for their knowledge and experience. Call us at 330-762-7477. We serve communities throughout Summit, Portage, Stark, and Medina counties.


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