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Blog Posts in August, 2011

  • How to Get Your Felony Charges Dismissed in Ohio.

    The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides those individuals that have been accused of a crime with the right to a " speedy trial ." The Ohio Legislature codified this right with Ohio Revised Code Section 2945.70 , entitled "Time for Trial." The relevant portion of Section 2945.70 provides: A person against whom a charge of felony is pending: (1) Notwithstanding any provisions ...
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  • Former Ohio State Representative Robert Mecklenborg Pleads Guilty to Indiana Drunk Driving Charges

    On July 18, 2011, we posted a blog regarding now resigned Ohio State Representative Robert Mecklenborg's Indiana arrest for an April 23 drunken driving charge. Mecklenborg, 59, was driving 2004 Lexus with temporary Kentucky license plates on U.S. route 50 in Dearborn County at 2:47 a.m. when he was pulled over by an Indiana state trooper for having a front headlight out. After refusing to submit ...
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  • What Happens to Your Car After a DUI/OVI?

    In addition to other penalties and license suspension , Ohio mandates the immobilization or seizure of an individual's vehicle if they have multiple convictions for DUI/OVI . Those penalties are summarized in the following chart. No. of Offenses in 5-Years Impoundment of Plates Immobilization of Vehicle Vehicle Forfeiture Immediate Vehicle Seizure 1st Offense No No No No 2nd Offense 90 Days 90 ...
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  • Akron Man Arrest for Spring Hill Shooting

    Tuesday, 19-year-old Akron resident Darius Rashawn Junius turned himself in to police and was charged with aggravated murder and other felonies in connection with a fatal shooting that occured Sunday at Spring Hill apartments in Akron. The shooting claimed the life of Brielle Robins, 18, and injured two other men who were hit by gunfire during the incident. Robins was shot in the chest while ...
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  • The Real Cost of a DUI/OVI

    According to the recent article DUI: The $10,000 Ride Home , by MSN Money correspondent Christopher Solomon, the total expected costs of dealing with a first time offense for DUI/OVI can be in excess of $10,000.00. In the article, Solomon states, "If you need any more reasons not to drink and drive, consider this: A driving-under-the-influence conviction is a financial wrecking ball. A typical DUI ...
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  • Sowell Sentenced to Death for Murder of 11 Women

    Today, 51-year-old Anthony Sowell was sentenced to die by lethal injection by Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Dick Ambrose after being found guilty of murdering 11 women and dumping their bodies around his property in Cleveland, Ohio. Sowell, was arrested on Halloween 2009, two days after police went to his house on a sexual-assault complaint and began finding bodies. Sowell went to ...
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  • Copley Shooter Bought Gun at Local Pawn Shop

    Today it was reported that one of the two handguns used by Michael Hance to kill seven people during a shooting spree in Copley Township was purchased from a small pawnshop in downtown Barberton five days before the incident. Employees of Sydmor's Jewelry on Second Street stated that they didn't notice anything unusual about Hance's behavior when purchasing the weapon. Further, because 51-year-old ...
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  • Ohio's Open Container Law

    Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.62 , entitled "Opened Container of Beer or Intoxicating Liquor Prohibited at Certain Premises" states: No person shall have in the person's possession an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor in any of the following circumstances:(1) In a state liquor store; (2) Except as provided in division (C) of this section, on the premises of the holder of any permit ...
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  • Woman Arrested for Stabbing Fellow Motorist

    An Akron woman stands charged with one count of felonious assault after allegedly stabbing a fellow motorist following a dispute Monday morning. Kisha Jackson, 36, is accused of stabbing a man in the chest with a pair of scissors during an argument in at a North Main Street gas station. Jackson and the man were reportedly driving in separate cars in the North Hill neighborhood when the dispute ...
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  • Akron Police Officers Injured by DUI/OVI Suspect

    Friday evening, three Akron officers stationed at the site of a car accident on Interstate 76 were struck and injured by motorist supspected of being intoxicated. The officers were treated at area hospitals and released. Dwayne Shepherd, 33, was driving a 1998 Ford Expedition when he struck the officers and two police cruisers. Shepherd has been charged with driving under the influence, failure to ...
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