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Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • It feels good to help people who truly need it.

    There should be times in an attorney's professional life when he/she leaves court after handling a case and looks back with a sense of pride and fulfillment on what they accomplished. Today, I had one of those moments. It was not a big case, there was no media attention, nothing that would make or break my career. It was a probation violation in which a young girl had failed to complete her ...
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  • What You Need To Know About Getting Your Ohio Criminal Record Sealed

    Generally speaking, criminal records in Ohio are open to inspection by the public. This means that anyone can go online or to the courthouse and search the records to find out if an individual has ever been charged with or convicted of a crime. Every time you apply for a job, your criminal history is readily available to the company you want to work for. Often, people want to know how to get their ...
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  • DiCaudo & Yoder Achieve Dismissal Of Charges In Criminal Case

    Sometimes in a criminal defense attorney's life justice is served only through perseverance and unwavering belief that your client is innocent of the charge. Such is the case of a young boy that Attorney Yoder represented a few months back. The client was charged with inducing panic when a school official read his journal and found drawings of him allegedly murdering his fellow classmates. The ...
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  • What To Look For When Choosing Your OVI/DUI Attorney.

    I went to Google today and searched for Akron DUI lawyer. There were a number of websites that popped up. I began to scroll through them and noticed that the vast majority of the attorneys advertising as an OVI/DUI lawyer in Akron either were not from the Akron area or were attorneys who did not specialize in OVI/DUI law. They would be considered general practitioners who dabble in the criminal ...
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