What To Look For When Choosing Your OVI/DUI Attorney.

I went to Google today and searched for Akron DUI lawyer. There were a number of websites that popped up. I began to scroll through them and noticed that the vast majority of the attorneys advertising as an OVI/DUI lawyer in Akron either were not from the Akron area or were attorneys who did not specialize in OVI/DUI law. They would be considered general practitioners who dabble in the criminal field. These are huge problems for a few reasons.

First, when you have law firms that do not regularly practice in the court system that they would be appearing they do not know the nuances of the court system, the staff, the judges and sometimes the local rules. For example, a court might not grant driving privileges until certain events take place and the attorney would not be able to advise you properly. It is important that you ask your attorney whether they have appeared in front of the Judge that is handling your case. Also, where are their offices located? Not their satellite office where they rent a conference room but their actual physical offices. These questions will help you assess whether your attorney is right for you.

Next, you need to be cautious if your attorney refers to themselves as a “general practitioner.” OVI/DUI law in Ohio is extremely complex and requires and attorney that specializes in that field of law. Someone who handles divorce cases, bankruptcy and probate work cannot possibly have enough time to familiarize themselves with all of the issues associated with Ohio OVI/DUI law. The law is constantly changing and new issues are being raised each day. Ask you attorney what other cases they handle. Ask them how many OVI/DUI cases they have handled in their career. If you are retaining their services and paying them to represent you, you should want the best. No one goes in for heart surgery and asks for the second best surgeon or a surgeon who dabbles in heart surgery. Why would you want an attorney who does not specialize in the field that you are charged?