DiCaudo & Yoder Achieve Dismissal Of Charges In Criminal Case

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April 11, 2014

Sometimes in a criminal defense attorney’s life justice is served only through perseverance and unwavering belief that your client is innocent of the charge. Such is the case of a young boy that Attorney Yoder represented a few months back. The client was charged with inducing panic when a school official read his journal and found drawings of him allegedly murdering his fellow classmates. The teacher immediately contacted her supervisors who contacted the police who charge the client with inducing panic a felony of the first degree.

This charge came just weeks after the Connecticut school shooting and every law enforcement officer and teacher was on guard. At the first court appearance Attorney Yoder was able to procure the clients release on house arrest. For the next two months Attorney Yoder rejected one offer after another by the Prosecutor in an attempt to resolve the case with a criminal charge on his client’s record.

After showing the Prosecutor the case law on inducing panic and convincing him that the client was not willing to plead guilty to anything the case was dismissed. Furthermore, Attorney Yoder was able to convince the Superintendent that the school should not expel or even suspend his client and allow him to return to school without having any disciplinary action on his official school record.

The behavior of this student was protected by our First Amendment. He had been bullied and was doing what his teachers had told him to do in the past…express himself through his journal. The school officials and law enforcement overreacted and justice was served with a dismissal.

This is yet another case that resulted favorably for a DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder client. If you have been arrested for a crime in Ohio, our Akron criminal defense attorneys can aggressively protect your rights and provide hard-hitting defense against your charges. With persistence and dedication, we will fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. When our firm is fighting in your corner, your chances of success will be far greater. For an attorney you can rely on when you need them most, contact DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder.