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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Common White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes are nonviolent crimes that can range from fraud to tax evasion. Many of these are considered federal offenses and carry steeper punishments and higher fines. These are often heard in the news regarding corporate America’s fortune 500 companies but anyone can be found guilty of a white collar crime. Some of the more common white collar crimes include wire fraud, identity theft, ...
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  • College Shenanigans = Serious Penalties

    For a lot of people, college will be the most fun and wild years of their life. A lot of stories will be created and friendships will be formed that will last a lifetime. The newly discovered independence and easy access to drugs and alcohol is a hotbed for experimentation and poor decisions. However, being a college student doesn’t make you immune to the long arm of the law. Many people see ...
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  • An OVI Attorney Could Save Your Career

    While everyone knows not to drive while under the influence of alcohol, we understand that people make mistakes. They think they haven’t had that much or that they aren’t even driving that far. People believe that the risk of getting caught is worth the reward of getting home. Most also believe that the worst that will happen if they get pulled over and charged with an OVI is that they will face a ...
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