An OVI Attorney Could Save Your Career

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September 10, 2015

While everyone knows not to drive while under the influence of alcohol, we understand that people make mistakes. They think they haven’t had that much or that they aren’t even driving that far. People believe that the risk of getting caught is worth the reward of getting home. Most also believe that the worst that will happen if they get pulled over and charged with an OVI is that they will face a hefty fine, a night in the drunk tank, and an embarrassing story. While those are all true, there are also some other consequences that could have more devastating effects.

An OVI can result in your driver’s license being suspended which could hinder your ability to get to work. Missing work could lead to being reprimanded and ultimately terminated. Many employers also have a section in their employee contracts that mandates grounds for firing if convicted of a crime. If you drive for a living and are lucky enough to keep your license, your insurance company may not insure people with DUIs. If you are covered by your company’s insurance, they might lose coverage if they keep you employed and have no choice by fire you.

With an OVI on your record, it can be difficult to qualify for certain certifications or licenses that are necessary for some jobs such as lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement. It could also have your license revoked thus ending your career in that field. An OVI can affect your career before it really starts. Most states will have companies check an applicant’s driver’s license record when they apply for a position. Many colleges and universities ask about criminal convictions. This could also affect financial aid applications and alter the whole path of your education and career.

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