Little Known Traffic Violations Used By The Police To Stop And Check For DUIs. Part 2-

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December 6, 2016

There are a number of traffic violations which many people don’t even realize are against the law. These violations are often used by the Police and Highway Patrol to make traffic stops, especially at night to check for impaired drivers. This is part of a series of blogs I will be writing to provide information on some of these offenses.

The next offense we will discuss is “Operating in a Weaving Course” or “Weaving Within a Lane”. Ohio law requires a person to operate a motor vehicle within their lane of travel. Most people are aware that they can be pulled over for a lane violation if they cross the yellow or white lines while driving. Most people are not aware however that many cities have enacted ordinances prohibiting weaving within one’s lane of travel. Under such an ordinance a person could be pulled over without ever going out of their lane. Technically in such a situation the driver should be weaving back and forth steadily within their lane for there to be a violation. In reality this ordinance is often used when the person slightly drifts within their lane and the officer wants to make a traffic stop.

As with other traffic laws mentioned in this series, “Weaving Within a Lane” law is seldom enforced in the daytime but is often used by police officers as a pretext to stop drivers while they are looking to make arrests for DUI. If you are stopped for this violation your attorney will want to obtain a copy of any dash cam video to see if you actually committed a violation. If the basis for the stop is improper your D.U.I. case could be dismissed.