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Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • Texting While Driving Could Cost You More

    While it is currently illegal to text while driving in the state of Ohio, it is only a secondary offense. This means a police officer must pull you over for some other illegal act such as speeding or improperly changing lanes. There is a bill pending that could turn texting while driving into a primary offense meaning that this is all you have to do to be pulled over. Under Ohio Revised Code ...
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  • Small Crimes, Big Penalties

    There are a lot of small, very common laws that most people break on a daily basis because they either do not know it is illegal or they assume that everyone else is breaking it so there is no harm done. However, if you are charged with this crime, the punishment can be much worse than you initially think. Here are some laws that are frequently broken and their potential penalties. Nearly every ...
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