How You Can Fight Back Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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December 21, 2017

How To Beat a False Domestic Violence Charge?

Due to the tragic implications of a domestic violence accusation, law enforcement officials and investigators always take such accusations with the utmost seriousness. In some states or counties, police officers must make an arrest when responding to a domestic violence call, even if there is no evidence of violence actually at the scene.

To this end, domestic violence accusations have become a powerful vengeful weapon to use against a significant other or family member, capable of having them arrested and their reputations destroyed without any due process. Dishonest people may even go as far as to falsify claims of domestic violence just to spurn someone else. What can be done in defense of such a situation?

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Collect Evidence to Clear Your Name

When faced with a false accusation of domestic violence, pre-charge representation is crucial. To begin, talk with your attorney about how to react to inquiries and investigators. Handling yourself properly could spell the difference between walking free and being put in handcuffs.

If you are not immediately facing the possibility of being arrested or charged with a crime, you should talk with your pre-charge defense lawyer about what evidence can be used to disprove the false accusation. Given that the truth is you never committed domestic violence, there must be evidence of that truth somewhere.

Consider these sources of evidence you could potentially use to clear your name:

  • Medical records: You can point to the medical record of your accuser, which theoretically should not show any evidence of domestic violence being carried out against them.
  • Criminal history: Your own clean criminal background could be strongly indicative of the falseness of the statements. People who commit domestic violence tend to have previous violent crime convictions.
  • Trusted testimonies: In a situation that might boil down to nothing more than statements from opposing parties, collecting the right statements from the right parties is crucial. You should consider talking to family members, close friends, supervisors, teachers of your children, and so forth to get positive testimonies of your behavior. The more people who vouch for you, the more likely a judge will believe your side of the story.

The penalties for domestic violence convictions can include years in jail, thousands in fines, removal of parental rights, and much more. Do not risk your future by trying to navigate the criminal justice system alone. Call 330-762-7477 to connect with the Akron criminal defense lawyers of DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder. With 85+ years of collective legal experience, we have become the go-to name in honest, tenacious defense for clients all throughout Ohio. During a free case evaluation, we would be happy to tell you more about our services and your rights as the wrongly accused.