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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • When Can a Juvenile Offender Be Tried as an Adult?

    Typically, the juvenile court is much more lenient in punishments than adult court. According to the law, kids are far more likely to respond well to rehabilitation and counseling, so a child might be assigned a less severe sentence than the average adult. However, in some cases, children do get charged as adults and serve adult sentences. Ohio law states a child can only be tried as an adult if ...
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  • Defenses for Marijuana Possession

    While medical marijuana was recently ruled more or less legal for some drug users with permission from their doctors, others who don’t have qualifying conditions or who want to use the drug recreationally might still be charged for possession of marijuana. Not only could you face prosecution by the state of Ohio, but you could also be federally charged. For those who are caught with the drug, ...
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