Underage Drinking: Related Crimes and Punishments

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December 3, 2015

In the early college years, it is common to encounter social situations that involve alcohol being present. The ages 18-20 can be very formative years where a young person will run into peer pressure and the wanting to fit in. The fact is though, if you are caught buying, possessing or consuming alcohol underage, you can be subject to several penalties.

There various underage alcohol related laws that many young adults break on a regular basis so it is important to know exactly what they entail. Underage possession is the most basic and may seem the most innocent of underage crimes. It does not require actively drinking or have drunk the alcohol to be found guilty of it. Simply having alcohol in your apartment or dorm room and even transporting it for someone of age can get you into trouble. The next tier of offense would be underage purchasing alcohol with a fake ID. Because you were able to buy alcohol while still underage does not mean you beat the law. You broke the law. This can also include possession of a fake ID if you are caught and in some circumstances, identity theft.

An underage DUI can be twice as detrimental as a DUI for a legal adult. In Ohio, the blood alcohol content that is considered legally intoxicated for an underage person is 0.02% which is four times less than the limit for an adult. If caught, you can lose your driver’s license for six months up to three years. Another very common underage related offense in college environments is providing alcohol to a minor. It is not legal for someone who is over 21 to provide alcohol to someone who is under 21.

All of these underage alcohol crimes can be combined with any extra crimes that occur during the event. An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to analyze the case and reduce the charges against you. Contact DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder if you have been arrested for an underage alcohol crime.