Is Cocaine a Controlled Substance in Ohio?

Drug Crimes

May 28, 2024

Federal drug enforcement laws make cocaine a controlled substance in every state, including Ohio. However, the Buckeye State has some of the harshest penalties for cocaine possession. If you are facing cocaine charges in Akron, you need an experienced and skilled drug crimes defense attorney to help you avoid the most severe outcomes of a conviction.

What are the Penalties for Cocaine Possession in Ohio?

In Ohio, possession of cocaine is classified as a felony, with the degree varying based on the amount involved. Possessing less than five grams is a fifth-degree felony, punishable by community control sanctions. Possession of five to 10 grams is a fourth-degree felony, and is also punishable by community control sanctions.

For larger quantities, the penalties become more severe: 

  • Possession of 10 but less than 20 grams is a third-degree felony with a presumptive prison sentence. 
  • Having 20 to less than 27 grams is a second-degree felony, mandating a prison sentence, as does possession of 27 to less than 100 grams, which is a first-degree felony. 
  • Possession of 100 grams or more is also a first-degree felony treated as a “major drug offense” with even harsher consequences.

While fourth- and fifth-degree offenses do not generally involve prison sentences, the consequences of conviction can significantly disrupt your life. Community control sanctions that may be imposed for fourth- and fifth-degree felony cocaine possession include: 

  • Up to six months in a local correctional facility or jail
  • Residence in a halfway house or alternative residential facility
  • Up to 500 hours of community service
  • House arrest
  • Drug treatment
  • Probation
  • Drug testing
  • Curfew
  • Employment or education requirements
  • Fines up to $5,000 for a fourth-degree felony
  • Fines up to $2,500 for a fifth-degree felony

Defenses Against Cocaine Possession Charges

If you are facing cocaine possession charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney can evaluate the unique circumstances of your case to determine the most effective defense strategy. Some possible defenses may include:

  • Lack of knowledge or intent to possess the cocaine
  • The cocaine belonged to someone else
  • Illegal search and seizure in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights
  • Entrapment or other misconduct by law enforcement
  • Inaccurate drug testing or chain of custody issues with the evidence

Your lawyer will carefully review the prosecution’s case to identify weaknesses, suppress inadmissible evidence, and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Having a skilled legal advocate is critical to protecting your rights and achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

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Being convicted on charges of possession of a controlled substance in Ohio can have damaging effects on every aspect of your future. However, working with the right criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between facing the harshest consequences of conviction and maintaining your liberty. 

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